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10 Places/Activites to Turn your Mood Upside Down

Days are becoming all the same? Routine is slowly filling your days and nights even if you’re going out with your friends?  We all need to refresh and to regain our energies and positivity back and we can only do this by doing things that will definitely make us jump out of the box.

We have compiled a list of different types of fun outings that can take you to a total different world 😉


1. Horror House:

Fan of horror movies? This one is definitely for you! Imagine buying a ticket to get yourself into a house full of all the horror icons like Samara and Freddy & Jason. Not only this but also you will face mysteries and you have to solve them without getting disturbed with what is going on around you 😉

On a side note, the house has its own rules: you aren’t allowed to either touch anything or anyone inside also no one is allowed touch you. These rules certainly give you the privacy and safety you need in such a place.

The Horror House


2. Aerodium Egypt:

When Warda’s ateer w arafraf fel fada becomes reality! Aerodium gives you the type of adventure that literally makes you release your energy while filling your lungs with good fresh air. Aerodium’s team is very professional and enthusiastic so you can easily get along with the rules and still enjoy your time.

Aerodium Egypt


3. Fingerlock:

You no longer need to travel or go to deserts to enjoy climbing the mountains, it came just around the corner for you 😉

This one is for people who are more into sports and exerting efforts to reach certain goals. Fingerlock, located inside Gold’s Gym Concorde Plaza New Cairo branch, is providing the first rock climbing experience inside Cairo. Now you can easily enjoy climbing mountains that always seemed like a difficult job while having a professional trainer with you especially if you’re a beginner and need to learn more first.



4. GoKart:

Ever fancied being inside a motor speed racing kart or even racing in Formula 1? It is a whole new level of obsession that took the world of activities by storm, literally.

GoKart Egypt


5. The Maze:

Our way to the adventure world, The Maze is a place where you can live your chosen type of mystery. It is the type of adventure where you are locked and have only 60 minutes to escape and survive. They also offer your 3 different types of riddles to choose from.

The Maze


6. AirZone:

Let us be frank here, is there anything more amusing than jumping into fluffy cubes? Or enjoying a trampoline without having an annoying person around telling you that you are too old for this game? AirZone is treating us the way we actually need.  They did not just stop there, they are also treating girls perfectly by offering a ladies only session every Friday from 12 pm to 1 pm.



7. Kidzania:

Want to practice your dream job and to act as all childish as you wish? Then KidZania is the answer to this question, they now offer special times dedicated for adults so they can release they inner kids. Now, you can practice your dream job even if it is a game and for limited time, yet you’ll feel that your dream came true 😉

KidZania Egypt


8. Il Pennello:

IT IS COLORING TIME! The place that will take you to a different mood. You will not only get the chance to enjoy their tasty food and relaxing atmosphere but also you will get the opportunity to let release the artist inside you. Get creative and enjoy the calming sensation you get by using water colors and being creative on your own special way.

il pennello ceramic cafe & restaurant


9. Lucid51:

Virtual Reality, a new type of games which is very interesting. Lucid 51 is giving you the chance to visualize all kind of games and live the action you always see in movies. Not only living it, but you can also feel the interaction with everything inside the game as if it is real.



10. Magic Planet:

We all noticed the orange tickets that everyone is holding and dancing with! It all started ever since childhood, where we spent every weekend playing arcade games and exerting any power to get as many orange tickets as we can to win an impressive gift. Do you think this was only a goal in our childhood? Absolutely not! Up till today, we are keen to spend a different weekend away from cafes.

Magic Planet Egypt

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